Jonathan Carpenter

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the contortionist, band, live, jonathan, carpenter, instrinsic, exoplanet, progressive, metal

// Me //


Music is the conduit for so many thoughts and voices that weigh me down or lift me up. I can be peaceful or I can be in turmoil but music is a constant source of inspiration. I hope that my connection with the world can continue to grow and evolve through this channel.  

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Currently Available for:

Musical Guest Appearances//

Vocals, Keyboards, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ghost Writing Lyrics


Audio Production//

Editing, Drum Sampling, Guitar Tones,

Mixing, Mastering




Harsh Vocals, Breath Control, Proper Stretching and Warm-Up

Prepare for a live show or recording session in under a week utilizing the info given during an hour long lesson.

Message me for rates and availability.




I am currently finishing up a full length album for my solo project- Foreign Waves. All instrumentation has been recorded and mixed, I am just needing to record vocals and then finalize production. It's been about 6 years in the making so I hope to deliver something that is worth the wait. I really reached a new level of depth when it comes to the story, including it's background and narrative layers. Thanks to the those of you who continue to patiently wait for this release, I cannot wait to share it with you all. 


        HIVEMIND will continue the narrative that was left off at the end of "Exoplanet"....

                    following a whole new journey into the next order of magnitude.


[Exoplanet] all occurred within the context of multiple galaxies.

[Intrinsic] was contained within the boundaries of the mind.

The third chapter will explore the fringes of our multiverse, stretching the concept of time and space as it relates to our perception.

Once we have created our successors, they only need to use their gift to transcend into a new level of consciousness...  

As of summer of 2019, I have joined up with Justin Seymour and his band, The Room Colored Charlatan. He writes some really cool riffs and he's great to work with, I can't wait to create some more songs and release something. In the meantime check out the single we released below in the videos section. 




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